Terms and Conditions of Use Persquare.co.za

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of services that persquare.co.za offers to its users. Any and all users at any given point can access and/or use the site and/or the services we offer, as long as the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use, which are mandatory and binding, as detailed below. The user who does not agree with the terms will refrain from registering and using the site. The user may only continue if agreeable with the terms set forth.

Scope and Nature of Service

The purpose of Persquare is for users to post their real properties for sale/rent, either as owners or as third parties who are independent from Persquare. Persqaure shall not be held accountable and shall remain independent of liabilities related to the transfer of ownership (sale, lease, exchange, etc.) or use of the properties published on the website.

Publication of Real Property

If the user is interested in advertising properties on the website, the user must create a personal or professional account which will then be approved by Persquare, granting that all information is complete. If the user wishes to take advantage of Persquare's premium services, the user will be given the prices, delivery of service, and terms of payment to be able to decide freely should they want to avail of the said service. Once the user submits ads for approval, this will be considered as an authorization for Persquare, to publish the said ads.

Also, to publish Real Properties by the owner/developer or by third parties, the user agrees to comply with applicable laws, morals, morality, and public order. Otherwise, the user will be obliged to compensate Persquare in the terms established in the "INDEMNITY" section.

Acceptance of Advertisements and Minimal Modification

The user will be solely responsible for the accuracy of their ads. Persquare will go as far as checking all listings and reserves the right to modify or terminate those ads deemed inappropriate/inaccurate.

Quality Property Announced

Persquare is not liable for the physical quality and legal status of the properties advertised on its website, nor the ability of advertisers to sell or rent properties. All information relating to the properties (condition, legal status, etc.) published on the website, as well as the ability of advertisers to sell or rent the said properties, are not the responsibility of Persquare, as such information is provided by real estate developers and/or individuals, thus the sole responsibility of the developers and/or agents/brokers.


The user of persquare.co.za shall assume all liabilities to Persquare and third parties for any damages and/or losses of any kind, generated through use of the services offered, and shall indemnify and hold harmless persquare.co.za and third parties against any claims (including professional fees) that may apply in the cases indicated:

I.Breach of the terms and conditions set by the website and agreed upon by the user upon registration.

II.Claims submitted against Persquare as a result of misuse of the site by the user in question. Regardless whether it is a claim, demand, notice, summons, statement, right of action, lawsuit or procedure, and the series of related claims arising from the same act, missions, other events or circumstances, matter, or facts.

Applicable Law

The terms and conditions previously described shall be construed and governed by the laws in force in the Republic of South Africa. Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, score, or compliance will be subject to applicable laws and competent courts to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction.